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Meet the Band of Boobs


Played by Jake Hurwitz

"Watch this."

The Bastard of the Mountain, a human fighter raised by dwarves. Thick of calf and quad, 6 foot 6 of muscle and beard. The Great Axe of Irondeep, Pride of the Dwarfanage, The Oft Dead. Having dug further into the Irondeep Mountains than any man or dwarf before him, Hardwon believes his next great adventure lies above ground, and has set off to see the world.

Jake Hurwitz is the co-founder of HeadGum, co-creator of the "Jake and Amir" webseries, and only 6 inches shorter than Hardwon.


Played by Emily Axford

"Oh, Melora."

Crick elf Druid and heir to the Crick Mee Maw. Her people were ostracized by the High Elves to the dank shores of the Crick, where they set up their stumps and threw a rager of a crawdaddy boil. Lover of fungus and ambassador of decay. Purveyor of fine hospitality and even finer vengeance. Known for her jambalaya, gumbo, wrasslin', and lawyerin'. Freckled, ferocious, and dangerously fertile.

Moonshine is accompanied by her loyal oppossum and scribe, Paw Paw Gump, who is known for his fine scramblin' and his excellent lawyerin'.

Toegold V

Played by Caldwell Tanner

"Callooh Callay!"

A teenaged "City Halfling" from the Cloud-wreathed summit of Upper Galaderon. Beverly is part of the Green Teens, a group of junior paladins who strive to honor the Order of the Ancients, and also collect as many merit patches as possible. He hopes to one day become a full-fledged Green Knight like his father before him; but for now he'll settle with trying to keep his new scoutmasters from getting brutally murdered by all manner of man and monster.

Caldwell Tanner is an artist and writer currently working on Disney's Big City Greens. He has also written for Teen Titans Go!, is the co-founder of The Drawfee Channel and can be seen on his Dropout show, Cartoon Hell. Every day he is haunted by the reality that he will never be as good a boy as Beverly.

The Direct

Played by Brian Murphy

"Don't @ me!"

AKA The Dungeon Master. Creator of Bahumia and voice to all the heroes, villains, nobles, and thieves that inhabit it. Tolerator of goofs and distributer of consequences.

Brian Murphy is a comedy writer and performer known for Hot Date (now available on Netflix!), Adam Ruins Everything, and CollegeHumor. He co-wrote the book Hey U Up? and edits NADDPOD.

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